Melanie Morten |Morton  


C.V. [download PDF]

Assistant Professor, Stanford University Department of Economics

memorten [at] stanford [dot] edu

Working papers

“Paving the Road to Development: Costly Migration and Labor Market Integration"” (April 2016). With Jaqueline Oliveira.

“Temporary Migration and Endogenous Risk Sharing in Village India” (December 2015). Resubmitted

“Economic Development and the Spatial Allocation of Labor: Evidence from Indonesia” (June 2015). With Gharad Bryan.


“A Personal Touch in Text Messaging Can Improve Loan Repayment” (2015) with Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman, Behavioral Science and Policy Review.

“Remittances and the Brain Drain Revisted: The Microdata Show That More Educated Migrants Remit More” (2010) with Albert Bollard, David McKenzie, Hillel Rapoport, World Bank Economic Review.


“The Remitting Patterns of African Migrants in the OECD” (2010) with Albert Bollard and David McKenzie, Journal of African Economies.

Selected work in progress

"The long-run effects of roads: Evidence from planned capital cities" with Jaqueline Oliveira


"Seasonal Migration and Risk Sharing in Bangladesh" with Costas Meghir, Mushfiq Mobarak and Corina Mommaerts

Projects in the field

"The demand for foreign exchange loans in Armenia" with Joe Kaboski and Aram Deryzan
Status: Pilot in progress (March 2016)

"Seasonal migration in Indonesia" with Mushfiq Mobarak and Gharad Bryan
Status: Pilot complete (February 2016)

"Evaluating the Dar es Salaam BRT system" with Gharad Bryan and Bilal Siddiqi
Status: Baseline complete (January 2016)