Stefan Wager
PhD Candidate, Stanford Statistics Department
Picture of Stefan

I am a fifth year PhD Student in the Stanford Statistics Department, advised by Professors Brad Efron and Guenther Walther. I received a B.S. in mathematics from Stanford in 2011, with undergraduate advisers Persi Diaconis and Ravi Vakil. In 2013, I did a summer internship as a statistician on Google's Ads Quality team. I am grateful for generous support from a BC and EJ Eaves Stanford Graduate Fellowship.

My work is concentrated at the intersection of theoretical and applied statistics. I am interested in non-parametric statistics, uses of subsampling for data analysis, empirical Bayes methods and extreme value theory. I particularly enjoy casting real-world problems into a statistical framework, and figuring out how techniques developed from a non-statistical point of view can be described and analyzed using classical methods.