Professor Bhaya

Devaki Bhaya

Department of Plant Biology
Carnegie Institution for Science
260 Panama Street, Stanford, CA 94305
Phone: (650) 325-1521 x282

Devaki Bhaya is a scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science. Her research interests focus on a large and diverse group of photosynthetic prokaryotes called cyanobacteria. These ancient, ubiquitous microbes are fascinating from several perspectives and have been used to study processes related to photosynthesis, microbial communities, evolution, symbiosis, circadian rhythms, and predictably, biofuels. Projects in Dr. Bhaya’s lab have a molecular focus but also encompass ongoing collaborations with mathematicians, engineers, and computational biologists. She welcomes students with an interest doing creative, interdisciplinary science. Before she came to the Carnegie Institution she was an associate professor at the Centre for Biotechnology at Nehru University in Delhi. Bhaya received her early education in Kolkata, India, and her PhD from Cornell University.

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