Trees of Stanford and California

A great place to start exploring the trees of Stanford is their very own website: ! Here you can find the online version of Ron Bracewell’s Trees of Stanford and Environs, as well as a variety of other resources, including tree tours and links to other Stanford sites where you can find information on the trees and plants of campus (check out these special sites of interest and  spring plant walks on campus!). Also work reading is this excellent article on Bracewell’s Trees of Stanford and Environs.

A Californian’s guide to Trees around us, by Mark Ritter provides an excellent and easy-to-use guide to the trees around us.  This is available at the Stanford Bookstore and online.

Get involved! Local/state tree organizations

Three groups every Bay area arboreal enthusiast should know about are: CanopyMagic, and Friends of the Urban Forest. In addition, California has an impressive network of local tree organizations, through California ReLeaf.

Assorted Recommended Books on Trees, Conservation, and Related Topics:

Trees in Paradise – Jared Farmer

Rambunctious Garden – Emma Marris

The Wild Trees. Richard Preston.

In search of remarkable trees Tom Pakenham

Jungle trees of Central India Pradip Kishen

A few suggested apps for tree identification and education:




Short videos and other tree-related ‘infotainment’ :

3D visualization of a tree trunk

Where do trees get their mass from?

Growing a tiny forest

The most amazing thing about trees

Exploring a tree one cell at a time

Climbing redwood giants

Cutting down a giant redwood

BBC nature videos


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