For a variety of reasons (including university policy), there will be no alternate time for the final exam (other than for OAE accommodations). Please make sure that you can attend the final exam at the specified time.

Download Your Final

Download your encrypted final: The encrypted finals will be made available to download in advance of the exam on this page. You should download the exam in advance of arriving at your exam location, as well as the BlueBook software. Warning: Make sure to download the correct exam - otherwise, the password you are given in your exam room won't match (sad times).

Exam Type Download Links
Regular Seating Fri. 3:30-6:30PM Regular Exam
OAE 50% extra time OAE Exam
OAE 100% extra time OAE Exam

Test your exam: Once you have downloaded the final exam from above, you should open BlueBook and load your exam before the final on Monday.


All students
Hewlett 200


The official pracice final exam is now posted and can be found here. This exam has been written in parallel with the actual midterm and is meant to give you a conception of the length of the real exam, as well the potential breadth of topics being covered. Of course, this is not the real exam and the topics that are covered and the depth to which they are covered may vary between the practice exam and the real exam. We recommend setting aside a 3-hour block of time to sit down and complete the practice exam under realistic exam conditions. As of Wednesday morning, solutions have been posted.

If you want to test that BlueBook is still working properly, you can download the BlueBook version of the midterm from the midterm info page. The password for the regular seating version of that exam is kakapo.

We will provide a printed-out copy of the Exam Reference Sheet at the exam – you do not need to print it out on your own, and it does not count toward your 2 pages of notes.

Finally, we are providing some extra practice problems from previous versions of this class, as well as final exams from previous versions of the class. Note that the curriculum and order in which topis have been covered is different this quarter as compared to previous quarters, so the extra practice problems may not accurately reflect the content we will be testing you on in the final. That being said, they are still valuable if you want to get extra practice.

Download BlueBook

Instructions for downloading BlueBook can be found on the midterm info page. If you downloaded BlueBook for the midterm, you do not have to take any extra action.

What to bring

The exam is on your computer. You should bring:

  • Your laptop and charger
  • The device you use for two-step authentication
  • Paper notes (it's open notes up to 2 pages, i.e. 4 sides)
  • A power strip/extension cord (optional, but recommended if you have access to one and feel like you'll need to charge)

If you don't have a laptop you'd feel comfortable using, let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and we will get you set up with one.

Material Covered

The final exam will cover all material covered in Lectures 1 to 25, except what is explicitly listed below. The content of Lectures 26 and 27 will not be tested on the exam. The final focuses on material taught since the time of the midterm. However, programming is inherently cumulative in that new topics build upon old ones. So you may be asked to solve problems that involve, though not necessarily focus primarily upon, past topics such as strings, int, double, boolean, loops, if/else, parameters, return, expressions, variables, constants, and so on.

The following concepts will NOT be tested on the final.

  • Karel
  • doctests
  • TKinter
  • Jupyter
  • matplotlib
  • GImages
  • How your computer works (Lecture 26) and The Internet (Lecture 27)

Review Session

There will be a final review session this Tuesday in class. Slides will be posted under the lectures tab of the course website.

Exam Strategies

The recommended exam strategies for the final exam are the same as for the midterm; please see the midterm exam strategies section for more information.