CS106X: Programming Abstractions (Accelerated)
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Winter 2017
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:30pm to 2:20pm in Building 200, Room 30 (History Corner)


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Thursday, Feb 23

Monday, March 20th
Herrin T-175


Lecturer: Chris Gregg
Gates 191
Tue 11am-12pm
Tue 4-5pm (open)
Thu 4-5pm

Head TA Aaron Broder
Gates B02
Mon 11am-12pm
Wed 11am-12pm


Final Information and Practice

We have posted the final review information here: Final Information

Midterm Review Video

The midterm review video has been posted:

Midterm review session room: Gates B12 (basement)

The midterm review room will be Gates B12 (basement). If the upper doors to the building are locked, you can get to the basement with a Stanford ID from the right side of the building if you are staring at the front door. You have to go around some construction, but directly opposite from the construction there are doors leading to the basement.

Midterm Information Page

The Midterm Information page has been posted. There you will find the location of the midterm, practice exams, and other helpful study information.

Additional Backtracking Video

Because we didn't cover as much as I would have liked to cover on Wednesday, February 1, I have uploaded a short addendum video to cover the maze recursion solution and another problem called the "knapsack problem." You can also follow along with the slides from the lecture, starting with slide 24.

Videos Link

Here is the link to the class videos. You must be enrolled in the course to have access to the videos.


Welcome to CS106X! We are looking forward to a fun quarter. Class starts Monday January 9th at 1:30pm in Building 200-30 (History Corner).

Sign Up for Piazza

This quarter CS106X is using Piazza to facilitate questions. Go to piazza.com/stanford/winter2017/cs106x/home to sign up. You can ask course related questions and see answers to other student questions. For personal questions please feel free to email Aaron or Chris.

How to Create a Blank Project Video

See below for a short instructional video on how to create a blank project from a copy of another project.