CS 161: Design and Analysis of Algorithms – Spring 2016

Office Hours Calendar

Note: TAs office hours will resume at the Huang Basement, starting on Apr 18.
CS department personnel and Huang mangers have discussed the matter, and they agreed "to allocate two of the long, high tables, adjacent to the student shop in room 037" for CS 161 office hours.
Starting on Apr 18, all TAs will hold office hours at the specified location in the Huang basement.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused during the past few days.

Course Staff

For questions relating to course material, homework, or logistics, please post on Piazza.
If you need to contact the staff for some other reason, please email the staff list cs161-spr1516-staff@lists.stanford.edu
Please use 'private posts' on Piazza if you need to contact the staff for some other reason (private posts are visible only to staff members).

Virginia Vassilevska Williams

Head TA:
Haden Lee

Teaching Assistants:
Dilsher Ahmed
Jia-Han Chiam
Cynthia Day
Shloka Desai
Ari Ekmekji
Peng Hui How
Anthony Kim
Sachin Padmanabhan
Hieu Pham
Chuanqi Shen
Abraham Starosta
Andi Yang