Stanford University

CS276A / SYMBSYS 239I / LING 239I
Text Information Retrieval, Mining, and Exploitation
Fall 2002

Christopher Manning, Prabhakar Raghavan, and Hinrich Schütze

Project Reports:

nishant-ravela.pdf Parametric Search using In-memory Auxiliary Index
antonu-dwachell.doc Knowledge Enhanced Information Retrieval
jsmarr-grow.pdf GoogleLing: The Web as a Linguistic Corpus
sngai-holliman.pdf Judging Relevance through Identification of Lexical Chains
nmehra-kshashi-priyank9.pdf Sentiment Identification Using Maximum Entropy Analysis of Movie Reviews
rdg12-afw.pdf Using Semantic Analysis to Classify Search Engine Spam
sheilap.pdf News Meta-Search Across Multiple Languages
mmahathi-pavan.doc Tadpole - A Meta Search Engine
ckchan-gsahai.pdf Geographically Intelligent News Search
sviji.doc Term and Document Correlation and Visualization for a set of Documents
zwei-yeejiun.doc Hyperbolic Tree of Similar Pages
arigreen-sbranson.pdf Clustering Web Search Results using Suffix Tree Methods
angrish-anisham.doc Returning Multiple Pages as Individual Search Results
vkakade-smadhura.pdf Improving Web Search for the Medical Domain
zhenyin-haoyiw.doc XML Search Engine for Construction Regulations
earyanto-huangy.pdf Adaptive Clinical Document Repository
qisu-yfung.doc Performance Evaluation of Relational Implementations of Inverted Text Index
dsu800.pdf Performance Analysis and Optimization on Lucene
dalmassi-sammysy.html English Text Compression
aseker00-jmorbee.pdf A Web-based Writing Tool

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