Lecture: April 11, 2017


Is It Time to Invest in IoT?

Timothy Chou, Angel Investor


Dr. Chou started his career in Silicon Valley at one of the first Kleiner-Perkins startups, Tandem Computers. Since then he's been lucky enough to be a part of some successful and not so successful startups and today serves as the Chairman of the Alchemist Accelerator, which invests early-stage enterprise software. He has also personally invested in a group of startups focused on the Internet of Things, machine learning and cloud computing. Dr. Chou has also worked at some large companies including Oracle Corporation, where he was President of Oracle On Demand. At the time he was one of only three people to ever hold the title of President at Oracle. Today he consults for Fortune 100 companies and has serves as a member of the board of directors for a series of public companies beginning in 2000. While at Oracle he authored his first landmark book, The End of Software, which foretold the rise of SaaS applications. More recently he launched a new book, Precision - Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things, which has been called one of the best books on the Internet of Things. Tim has had the good fortune to, in parallel with his commercial career, have taught at Stanford University for over thirty years. For fifteen years he taught core curriculum and only took a leave of absence because he had to fly to Bali for a sales kickoff meeting and get back within 36 hours to teach class. After leaving Oracle he started the first class on cloud computing, at Stanford, cs309a.stanford.edu. Consider taking it in Autumn 2017.


Is it time to invest in IoT? If you went to CES this year you saw many consumer IoT products, some will no doubt be successful, but is it time to invest in the Internet of Things for the enterprise? This lecture will discuss why the time might be right, share five different areas for investment (with some examples) and finally highlight the essential challenges (and solutions) of taking an enterprise software product to market something I call, Sales for Nerds.

Lecture Notes

Presentation on IoT by Tim Chou (pdf)