Lecture: May 23, 2017


IoT on the Cloud

Siddhartha Agarwal, Oracle


As VP, Product Management and Strategy at Oracle, Siddhartha is responsible for division strategy and revenue growth (organically and inorganically) for the Oracle Cloud Platform (Platform-as-a-Service) and Fusion Middleware across all product lines globally ($4.5B+ business).  Prior to Oracle, he held several leadership positions including WW Field Operations at Zend, VP of Sales at Solidcore Systems and Regional VP of Sales at Totality. Siddhartha also founded companies such as Teamscape (acquired by Peoplesoft) and Contractor Online as VP of Engineering/CTO.  He started his career at Oracle in development and as Director, Development built Oracle's CRM eCommerce product, Internet Bill Presentment and Payment.  


The talk describes Oracle’s learning journey in building an IoT solution. It started focused on end devices/sensors, ,oved away from devices to gathering data from gateways, and eventually focuses on integrating devices with backend apps. Oracle built a technical PaaS platform to provide technologies integrated together that customers could built their IoT applications on then realized that VP Service, VP Manufacturing, etc. were not interested in a platform. They rather were looking for packaged solutions with quick time to value, hence the move to delivering SaaS based applications.

The key ways in which Oracle differentiated it’s IoT solution include integrating devices with backoffice applications, integrating devices with SaaS applications, and providing the ability to easily created automated processes based on tickets being created by devices. The eventually created SaaS applications for asset monitoring, production line monitoring, fleet management, and connected worker will be discussed.

Lecture Notes

Oracle presentation on IoT on the Cloud by Siddhartha Agarwal, (pdf)