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Tentative Schedule of Lectures and Readings

Part 1    Impressionism and the Paradigm of Pictorial Naturalism

Sep   23    Introduction  :  The Premises of Impressionist Time and Space [slide list]

Sep   25    The "crisis" of Impressionism [slide list]

Readings for the first two lectures:

Kern, Culture of Time and Space, begin reading straight through this text as a general cultural background to the period

Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, begin reading this text as theoretical background, especially pp. 43-135

Denvir, Post-Impressionism, pp. 7-35 and pp. 171-197

Lucie-Smith, Symbolist Art, pp. 7-23

Goldwater (article in Course Reader)

Herbert (article in Course Reader)

Sep  30    Paul Cézanne : Working in the Breach [slide list]

Reading for this lecture:

Kern, Culture of Time and Space, pp. 131-180

Lucie-Smith, Symbolist Art, pp. 23-32 and pp. 51-62

Clignet (article in Course Reader)

Part 2    The Picture as Scene of Writing

Oct   02    Graphisme : Odilon Redon and Gustave Moreau [slide list]

Oct   07    Writing and Painting : Vincent van Gogh [slide list]

Oct   09    Van Gogh (continued) [slide list]

Oct   14    The Fauves [slide list]

Readings for these four lectures:

Denvir, Post-Impressionism, pp. 139-169

Lucie-Smith, Symbolist Art, pp. 63-80

Jaffé (article in Course Reader)

Hodin (article in Course Reader)

Part 3    Imaginary Spaces / Symbolic Fields

Oct 16    The Synthetist Utopia of Paul Gauguin [slide list]

Oct 21    Gauguin (continued) [slide list]

Oct  23    Distortions of the Commonplace : The Nabis [slide list]

Oct  28    Images from Within : Edvard Munch and Max Klinger [slide list]

Readings for these four lectures:

Denvir, Post-Impressionism, pp. 73-137

Lucie-Smith, Symbolist Art, pp. 91-127

Freud (article in Course Reader)

Brooks (article in Course Reader)

Salomon-Godeau (article in Course Reader)

Oct  30    Mid-Term Examination

Part 4    Science maps the Picture Field

Nov  04    The Notorious Dot : Georges Seurat [slide list]

Nov  06    Theorizing Expression : Seurat, Charles Henry, and Paul Signac [slide list]

Readings for these two lectures:

Denvir, Post-Impressionism, pp. 37-70

Lee (article in Course Reader)

Part 5    The Picture as Decoration

Nov  11    Installation Art : Puvis de Chavannes, Whistler, Burne-Jones, William Morris [slide list]

Nov  13    Gesamtkunstwerk : Gustav Klimt and the Vienna Secession [slide list]

Nov  18    Drawing in Three Dimensions : Henri van de Velde and Victor Horta [slide list]

Nov  20    Art Nouveau : Painting becomes Architecture [slide list]

Term Papers due today

Nov  24    Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov  28    Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec  02    Paris 1900 : Guimard, Bing, and the style moderne [slide list]

Readings for these five lectures:

Duncan, Art Nouveau, pp. 7-86

Lucie-Smith, Symbolist Art, pp. 81-172 and pp. 193-200

Aquilino (article in Course Reader)

Part 6    The Picture and Mass-Culture

Dec  04    On the Wall : Advertising Posters in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction [slide list]

Readings for this lecture:

Duncan, Art Nouveau, pp. 86-100

Benjamin (article in Course Reader)

Dec  10    Final Examination : from 7:00 to 10:00 pm : Building 200 Room 30

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