Art History 33n: American Art & Culture in the Gilded Age

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1. Every student must commit herself to preparing in advance for each seminar. This means a careful reading of the assigned texts and the completion of mini-assignments that will help you prepare for class. (Some of these prep notes we will email to each other ahead of class) Good discussions won't happen unless everyone prepares and then actively participates in class. I'm counting on you!

2. There will be two short papers (3-4 pages) due in class on Feb. 5 and 21. One will be a close reading of a painting by Mary Cassatt and the other will be an analysis of the art historical methodologies used in two essays interpreting the same work by Winslow Homer.

3. The major written assignment will be a term paper (10-15 pages) on a single work of art that will be prepared in three stages. Part 1 will be a close reading of the work and proposals for further research (due on Friday, Jan. 26). Part II will be a discussion of the relevant bibliography on the work and a proposed thesis or theses for your paper (due Friday, March 2). In Part III, the final version, you will edit and synthesize the two parts of your paper and polish its form and conclusions (due Monday, March 19). I will give you comments at each stage of the project but no grade until the final version.

The penultimate presentation of your paper will be to the class, standing in front of the painting at the Cantor Art Center (Thursday, April 5)

4. Your final grade will be based on your preparation and participation in class (20%); your two mini-papers (30%) and your term paper (50%).


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