Biology 154 /254 / Neurobiology 254


Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology


Autumn 2010



Bio154/254/Neurobio254 is a combined upper-level undergraduate and graduate course.

The course focuses on cellular and molecular studies of the organization and function of the nervous system.


Instructors: Dr.Kang Shen, Dr.Liqun Luo, Dr. Thomas Clandinin

Graduate TA: Egle Cekanaviciute
Undergraduate TAs: Xintong Dong, Lynn Sun, David Bochner, Xing Wei, Xiaojing Gao

Class Syllabus | Course Organization

Bio154/254 Lectures

When: Mondays and Wednesdays 1:15-3:05 PM

Where: Hewlett 201

Bio154 Section

Discussion Section Materials:

· BIO 154: Discussion Guidelines


Midterm Paper and Final Exam Materials (to be uploaded):

·BIO 154: Midterm Paper Guidelines

·BIO 154: Sample Grant Proposal #1

·BIO 154: Sample Grant Proposal #2

·BIO 154: Sample Grant Proposal #3


 BIO 154: Exam 2008 and Answer Key

·BIO 154: Exam 2006 and Answer Key

·BIO 154: Exam 2004 and Answer Key

(Final Exam is open book and open note, no computers and no cell phones.         

Bring paper materials, pen, calculator, and student ID.)



Bio 254 Section


Discussion Section Materials:

· BIO 254: Discussion Guidelines

If you miss a section (you can only miss one): Turn in 1/2 page summaries for papers missed the following Friday.


Final Paper Materials (to be uploaded):

·BIO 254: Grant Proposal Outline Guidelines

·BIO 254: Grant Proposal Guidelines

·BIO 254: Sample Grant Proposal #1

·BIO 254: Sample Grant Proposal #2






·      PubMed: Used to search scientific articles.  Use the “related articles” link to widen your search.  Click on “Books” to get links to relevant sections of Alberts et al. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 


·       Journals:


Nature | Science | Cell | Neuron | Journal of Neuroscience | Nature Neuroscience



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