Outline/Abstract Instructions

The goal of the outline is to:

1) Announce the general area of your proposal (cannot be related to your own laboratory work)
2) Point me to appropriate references as necessary (it might be easiest to pretend to belong to a lab)
3) Explain the theme of your proposal (i.e. the general question you are asking)
4) Identify the experimental system and assay you will be using
5) Brief description of as many of your specific aims as you have thought out



1) Circadian Rhythms
2) One or two Taghert/Hall papers
3) Cellular location of a clock/clock output
4) The lateral neurons of Drosophila and their effect on locomotor behavior
5) Test flies in which pdf neurons have been ablated by pdf-Gal4 driven toxin expression etc.


Turn this into half to one page of fluent (or bullet-pointed) prose.  Have fun.