Date Location Speaker(s) Position(s) Title
03-Apr LK120 Steve Bagley & Alejandro Schuler Stanford University Anatomy of U.S. Healthcare
10-Apr LK120 Kevin Haas Director Bioinformatics,
Has sequencing become commoditized? (Hint: No.)
17-Apr LK120 David Vivero Co-founder and CEO,
Need for A Single Source of Truth
24-Apr LK120 Deanna Church Senior Director of Applications,
10x Genomics
Truthiness in data: how data bias impacts discovery
01-May LK120 Dale Webster, Jonathan Krause Software Engineers
Machine Learning with Medical Data at Google
08-May LK120 Justin Guinney Director, Computational Oncology,
Sage Bionetworks
Tearing down silos: open science and data sharing in practice
15-May LK120 Francisco Giminez Principal,
The New World of Tech VCs in Biotech
22-May LK120 David Heckerman Chief Data Scientist,
Human Longevity, Inc.
AI in healthcare could use a little less data and a little more expertise
05-Jun LK120 Patrick Ryan Sr. Director and Head, Epidemiology Analytics
Janssen Research and Development
The expanding role of observational health data science and informatics in the pharmaceutical industry

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