CCEE 111/211: Multidisciplinary Modeling and Analysis



During Spring breaks since 2002, Stanford students did mini-internships with CIFE member organizations around the world. They built product, organization and process models for projects at sponsor organization sites. Each year, internships are scheduled for the Stanford spring break during the fourth week of March.

Below are a few images from Building Information Models (BIMs) they built. See also recent projects.

CCC: Oman-India Fertilizer Plant Sur, Oman

The engineering task was to understand the component installation sequence in order to improve management of material delivery to the job site. The work was done in Athens.

Obayashi: Tokyo train station track movement, Tokyo

The engineering task was to plan the demolition of a track pair, construction of elevated tracks and constriction of new track under the new elevated section -- while maintaining full normal operations in one of the busiest train stations in the world. Students traveled to the Obayashi offices in Tokyo.

Swinerton: Template Hospital, San Francisco

The engineering task was to design the construction for a series of hospitals so that each could be highly efficient, although the client wanted the flexibility to customize the constriction plans for different site conditions and different building modules to be constructed at the different sites. Students worked in the Bay area.

Walt Disney Imagineering: Demolish, rebuild Space Mountain coaster, Burbank, CA

The engineering task was to remove the existing rollercoaster from within the building shell, preserve some of its parts, and reconstruct a new coaster, all while the Disney theme park continued to serve its guests. Students worked at Disney offices in Southern California.

Webcor: Roof construction for new Renzo Piano Academy of Sciences building, San Francisco

The engineering task was to plan the construction of the very large and geometrically complex roof for this architectural landmark building in San Francisco. Students worked in the Bay Area.


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