Homework 1

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Homework 1 is due 11:59pm ending Monday April 7th. The Retrieve button below retrieves all of the exercises for this homework.

Homework 1 is made up of all the exercises from week-1. Before coming to this page, you should complete all of the individual exercise pages (linked below), clicking the Run button to run and save your code as you go for each exercise. The saved work persists, even if you close the tab.

1. Click the Retrieve button below. It will gather the code for all the exercises. Copy the code text for later pasting. Check that your answers are all there.

2. Go to our CourseWork site. Use the Assignments tab at the left, and go to the appropriate Homework #

3. There should be a single short-answer style question where you can paste in all of your code. At the very top of your pasted in code, add any additional "README" notes for the grader. In particular, add the name of your one partner if you did this homework as a team. For work done as a team, only one person should submit the homework. And you're done!

Lateness: our intention is that you can turn in an assignment a few days late and still get some credit (see "late days" in syllabus). However, Coursework has limitations about when you can submit an assignment. In particular, coursework says: "Late submissions WILL be accepted after the due date. However, this applies only to students who have not submitted their work prior to the due date. They will be given one chance to do so and their submission will be tagged as late." Therefore, you can turn something in late, but only by submitting the late assignment just once.

Each click of a Run button saves that code to disk on the computer running the browser. The button below retrieves the code exercises listed to the right of the button.

count 10 : code-1-ex1 code-1-ex2 code-1-ex3 code-1-ex4 code-2-ex1 code-2-ex2 code-2-ex3 image-2-ex1 image-2-ex2 image-2-ex3

(code appears here)