Homework 1

Homework-1 is small, just getting us started. Homework-1 is due Tue Jan 16th at 10pm. (edit, had 9th earlier oops!)

CS106AP section leaders will be available Mon and Tue eve 8:00-pm - midnight at the CS106 "lair" office hours in the first floor Tresidder dining area. Note that only CS106AP specific shifts can help you with CS106AP Python questions. We've been careful to align the CS106AP shifts with days when CS106AP has things due. (official lair shifts site)

Homework-1 is made of these 3 functions we started on Wed:

1. Arms2

2. Bluegreen

3. Diagonal

Mechanics: Select the "Run All" option and Run your code, the system checks if all the cases produce the correct output, and if so prints "All Correct" at the bottom of all the output. Once you have All Correct for a problem, it will appear in the upper-right my-projects list marked as All Correct. The list uses the most recent run of the project for grading, so once you are done experimenting with your code, do Run All as your last run.

The All Correct marks are not the last word in grading - just a first pass of code testing which your section leader can adjust (although these first problems are so simple, there's not much more to do).

Note that all sorts of other problems or demos you've done will appear in the list too, but those are not used for grading and can be ignored.

(Update: all the parts of this should be working, so you might as well do it. It will be in a homework soon.) Not required for homework-1, but it's a good idea to get parts a-b-c-d of the Crazy Stanford problem working to get started with "decomposition". This would have been part of homwork-1 had parlante.org not crashed in lecture! Instead it wil lbe rolled into the next homework.

Optional: Crazy Stanford