Homework 3

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Homework 3 is made of the Image-9 and Image-10 code and the 2 custom bluescreen images produced. Due Mon 11:59 pm, as usual. (The instructions for canvas below are now up to date.)

Standard instructions:

1. Click the Retrieve button below. It will gather the code for all the exercises as one block of text. Copy the code text for later pasting. Check that your answers are all there.

2. We're using Stanford's new "canvas" online teaching environment. From the CS101 page, follow the link to the CS101 canvas page, and on the Canvas page click on Assignments. Select the homework to turn in.

3. There should be a single question where you can paste in all of your code. At the very top of your pasted in code, add any additional "README" notes for the grader. In particular, add the name of your one partner if you did this homework as a team. For work done as a team, only one person should submit the homework. The other person should turn in a stub that just says "See XYZ's submission, we did it as a team".

Special this week -- turn in your 2 bluescreen output images. Due to the way canvas works, your 2 images are turned in as a separate "assignment" called homework-3-image-files. You'll need to click a button to add the second image file after you add the first. Make sure you turn in your output images, not the original foreground images.

Each click of a Run button saves that code on the computer running the browser. The button below retrieves the all code exercises listed to the right of the button.

count 7 : image-9-ex1 image-9-ex2 image-9-ex3 image-9-ex4 image-9-ex5 image-10custom-ex1 image-10custom-ex2

(code appears here)