Homework 6

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Homework 6 is made of all the table exercises, due 11:59 pm Mon May 19th.

oops had a link to the 2013 Coursework site here originally. Here's the correct one: CourseWork

Go to our Coursework site and paste in your code as usual. At the very top of your pasted in code, add any additional notes for the grader. In particular, name of the partner if doing it as a team. The partner should just submit one line "I did it with XYZ" so the grader can figure things out.

Each click of a Run button saves that code to disk on the computer running the browser. The button below retrieves the code exercises listed to the right of the button.

count 21 : table-1-ex1 table-1-ex2 table-1-ex3 table-1-ex4 table-2-ex1 table-2-ex2 table-2-ex3 table-3-ex1 table-3-ex2 table-3-ex3 table-3-ex4 table-4-ex1 table-4-ex2 table-4-ex3 table-5-ex1 table-5-ex2 table-5-ex3 table-5-ex4 table-6-ex1 table-6-ex2 table-6-ex3

(code appears here)