Homework 6

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Homework 6 is made of all the table exercises, due 11:59 pm Mon May 16th. As usual, paste your code into the canvas site, making note if you did it with a partner as usual. Make sure no problems are blank.

Each click of a Run button saves that code on the computer running the browser. The button below retrieves the all code exercises listed to the right of the button.

count 22 : table-1-ex1 table-1-ex2 table-1-ex3 table-1-ex4 table-2-ex1 table-2-ex2 table-2-ex3 table-3-ex1 table-3-ex2 table-3-ex3 table-3-ex4 table-4-ex1 table-4-ex2 table-4-ex3 table-5-ex1 table-5-ex2 table-5-ex3 table-5-ex4 table-5-ex5 table-6-ex1 table-6-ex2 table-6-ex3

(code appears here)