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Note about getting software: Google docs has a free spreadsheet in the browser, and now Microsoft has a free browser one too with skydive. There's also the free application you can install LibreOffoce. And the famous Microsoft Excel spreadsheet products which work great and are kind of expensive. Any of these will work for all our examples and homeworks.

Monster Example

Monster example spreadsheet in google docs. Below we'll use this as a running first example.

To edit above: either (a) File > Make Copy to edit in google docs. or (b) File > Download As > .xlsx file, and then edit using any system

For references here is the monster spreadsheet in completed form

1. Spreadsheet Cells and Naming

Experiment: click on a cell, note its "address" B1 or whatever, type in a word or number

2. Columns of Numbers

3. Add Computation: sum()

4. Add Computation: + - * /

5. Extreme Magic: Fill Right

6. Chart Magic

Here's a picture of it in done form:
finished monster spreadsheet

Compute average with average(a1:a10)

2. Cell Phone Example