Due Date:

This pset is due Friday, Jan 10 at 2:30pm.

This is NOT a pair assignment. Pair programming will be allowed on future assignments.

Assignment Parts

You will need the following files to complete this assignment:
  1. Pset0 (PDF)
  2. QT Creator Starter Code (zip)
  3. CS103 Honor Code (required reading as part of pset0)
  4. Course Information Sheet (required reading as part of pset0)
  5. For real though, I'm not kidding about the required reading. Last spring when I taught the course, a bunch of students accidentally outed themselves as having skipped the readings when they asked on Piazza about something that was in them that they needed as a key to submit their work. Don't let that happen to you.

Turning In:

When you are finished, submit your assignment using Gradescope web system.