Due Date:

Checkpoint due Monday, January 20th at 11:59pm. (Special later time deadline since there is no lecture on Monday.)

Remaining problems due Friday, January 24th at 2:30pm.

This is a pair assignment. Refer to the Honor Code handout for important restrictions on partner sharing.

Assignment Parts

You will need the following files to complete this assignment:
  1. Pset2 (PDF)
  2. LaTeX Template File (tex)
  3. Starter Code (zip)
See Pset1 for an intro to how to type your pset using LaTeX and Overleaf.


  1. Pset2 Checkpoint (requires log in)
  2. Pset2 (requires log in)

Grades Distribution

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Turning In:

icon Turn in your files here.

When you are finished, submit your assignment using Gradescope web system. General rules: