Instructors: Alisha Adam and Rohit Talreja - see Staff page for contact info and office hours


  • Welcome to CS 106A!
  • [6/28] Assignment 1 due today:
    Just a reminder that Assignment 1 (Karel) is due today at 5pm. Follow the instructions below to submit through Eclipse.
    Note: The submitter will submit all of your assignment files together. In other words, you do not need to submit each file separately.
  • [6/22] Submitting Assignments:
    All homework assignments will be submitted directly through Eclipse. Please follow these instructions to use the Eclipse submitter and verify your submission. You can submit as many times as you like (only your last submission will be graded).
    Since this is the first assignment, we recommend testing the submission process early to work out any issues with the submitter. For example, you can submit a partial version right after you complete CollectNewspaperKarel, and then resubmit your final version whenever you finish the assignment.
  • [6/21] Assignment 1 Posted:
    Assignment 1 is now posted! You can download the assignment handout and starter code from the Homework page of the website. The assignment is due next Tuesday, June 28th at 5pm. We recommend starting early and taking advantage of office hours/Old Union assignment help hours!
  • [6/20] Setting up Eclipse:
    1. Follow the instructions here to download and install Eclipse.
    2. Follow these steps to start using Karel in Eclipse!
  • [6/20] Section sign-ups: Please sign up for a weekly 50-minute discussion section by noon on Tuesday, June 21st. Section assignments will be sent out Tuesday night.
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