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  • [] Extra practice problems: We have been asked to share the following resource with you, a web-based practice problem solver that may help you practice basic Java programming skills. Here is the advertisement from its creator, Nick Parlante, another Stanford CS instructor:

    "Optional online practice problems to firm up your basic if and loop skills: Does it ever take you a bunch of tries to get a loop right? One theory is that you can skill-build with a ton of little online problems, like "reps" in exercise. There's no grade credit for these, but they can get help solidify your basic loop and if-statement skills, so check it out."

  • [] Final exam study materials posted: We have posted several practice exams with solution keys, along with a list of topics to study, and a list of rules and policies for our final exam. You can find these materials in our Exams page.
  • [] LaIR moving: Starting this Sun May 8, the LaIR (and CLaIR) will be moving to a new location. The LaIR will now be in the 1st floor of Tressider, near Fraiche and the food court. (There will be signs up.) Please go to this new location rather than Old Union for the rest of the quarter.
  • [] Extra late day: Effective immediately, every student gets +1 late day for use on future programs. In other words, your total for the quarter goes up from 4 to 5. You can use this new late day on HW3 or later. (We recommend you use it on HW4 Breakout so that you can focus on studying for the midterm!) Please note that this is not a "due date extension" and that each assignment's due date and late cutoff date are unchanged.
  • [] Conceptual LaIR (CLAIR) hours: The regular LaIR hours are targeted at helping you find and fix bugs in your homework code. But sometimes you instead want conceptual help understanding course concepts, more like tutoring or high-level concept review. We now offer Conceptual LaIR (CLAIR) hours for this kind of conceptual help. CLAIR is offered from Sun-Thu, 8-10pm, in the same location as the regular LaIR, starting this Sunday 4/10. To get CLAIR help, go to the usual LaIR location and speak to the section leader by the LaIR signup computer, who will direct you to the appropriate help area (CLaIR or LaIR).
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