The Winter 2017 CS106A Graphics Contest

Graphics Contest Handout

Friday, March 17th

Thanks to everyone who submitted. In total we had 60 serious submissions -- and the overall quality was astounding.


  • Temidayo Dairo (Bitmoji)

    Upload a picture, circle your face, and this program will generate a personalized cartoon

  • Julius Stener (Monopoly)

    A full, and well executed, implementation of the classic game.

  • Teresa Dayrit (Music Composer)

    This program helps you compose a song in any key with a full range of mucial options. It can even autonomously produce a harmony.

  • James Wang (3D terrain generator)

    This program teaches you about the "diamond-square algorithm", implements it to generate random but realistic 3D terrain, visualizes it in 3D allowing the user to rotate around (all using GLines)!

Runner Ups

  • Silvia Fernandez Illescas (Sudoku)

  • Kolasa Stanislaw (Fractal Season)

  • Justin Amezquita (3D Cloth Simulator)

  • Rachel Sun (Flappy Face)

  • Pablo Garcia Nieto (Mario World)

  • Nancy Diane (A Long Night)

  • Jihun Hong (Mondrian Generator)

  • Spencer Robinson (Paint)

  • Daniel Lozano Herrera (Bug Painter)

  • JJ Parson (Mario Player)

  • Victor Cheruiyot (Karel Compiler)

Honorable Mentions

  • Austin Lee (Pokemon)

  • Gergely Szucs (Gravity)

  • Shiheng Lu (Chaos)

  • Alec Lau (ASCII Art)

  • Dian Yap (Silk Art)

There were other submissions worthy of an honorable mention. Coming soon...