The point of this program is to show you a graphics program with each of the key shapes. We should draw two rectangles (one blue and one yellow), draw one red oval, with a black non-filled rectangle in the same location. In the center of the screen we write "Programming is Awesome." Here is what our program looks like:

Here is the corresponding code:

import acm.program.*;
import java.awt.*;

public class ProgrammingAwesome extends GraphicsProgram {	
	// draws the screen in the picture above
	public void run() {
		// half the height of the screen.
		double centerY = getHeight()/2;
		// make and add a blue square
		GRect blueSquare = new GRect(80, 80); // width and height are 80
		blueSquare.setColor(Color.BLUE); // make the square blue
		blueSquare.setFilled(true); // fill the square
		add(blueSquare, 70, 70); // add the square to the screen

		// add a long yellow rectangle
		GRect yellowRect = new GRect(40, 360);
		add(yellowRect, 600, 10);
		// make and add a red oval
		GOval redOval = new GOval(120, centerY); // width and height
		add(redOval, 200, 180); // add to location (200, 180)

		// make and add a rectangle which fits around the red oval
		GRect circleOutline = new GRect(120, centerY);
		add(circleOutline, 200, 180);
		// add a piece of text
		GLabel label = new GLabel("Programming is Awesome!");
		add(label, 10, centerY);
		// this object is never added
		GRect dudeWheresMyRect = new GRect(600, 600);
		// since it is not added, we will never see it...