Lecture Slides

This is the repository for the lecture slides and code examples from class. All slides are available as PDF files.
Date Lecture
Sept. 24 Introduction to Karel [PDF]
Sept. 29 Introduction to Java [PDF]
Oct. 1 GObjects [PDF]
Oct. 3 Expressions [PDF]
Oct. 6 Statements [PDF]
Oct. 8 Methods [PDF]
Oct. 8 Method Mechanics [PDF]
Oct. 10 Random Generator [PDF]
Oct. 10 Classes and Constructors [PDF]
Oct. 10 Javadoc [PDF]
Oct. 13 Writing Classes [PDF]
Oct. 13 Extending Classes [PDF]
Oct. 13 Student.java [text file]
Oct. 13 Frosh.java [text file]
Oct. 13 Stanford.java [text file]
Oct. 13/15 Graphics [PDF]
Oct. 15 Event Driven Programming [PDF]
Oct. 17 Enumerations, Characters, and Strings [PDF]
Oct. 20 StringExamples.java [text file]
Oct. 20 ReplaceOccurrence.java [text file]
Oct. 20 Tokenizers and Ciphers (more uses of Strings) [PDF]

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