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Questions & Answers

Q: Which island if I can ask?

A1:  Probably worth asking at the end of lecture, I don’t want to interrupt this story :)

Q: do you need Dog.py saved to your pycharm in order to use the Dog function?

A1:  yes, it should be in the same folder as the program making the dog.

Q: do you need bark(self) or just ()?

A1:  live answered

Q: Is there a way to create a lot of instances of a class with different names (i.e. from Wednesday's lecture, ball1, ball2... ball50) at once (maybe within a loop) without writing ball1 = Ball() 50 times?

A1:  You could have a list of balls.

A2:  Nope - if you want to refer to it by name, you need to make it explicitly. One way to get around this is by putting them in a list or a dict and refer to by index or key.

Q: are both the messages sent and received by the client strings?

A1:  Yes!

Q: Wait, is Facebook primarily written in Python?

A1:  Lots of it is, but it’s not *just* Python! The idea is that it could be made with Python, though

Q: Where is SimpleServer.run_server coming from?

A1:  There’s a SimpleServer library that’s imported at the top of the file

Q: What is SimpleInternet?

A1:  A library that’s imported into this program

Q: SimpleServer.run_server <- do we always use this? is this generalizable beyond this example?

A1:  Any example in 106A will use this - other tools have different ways of setting up a server

Q: why do you call it response? why cant you just ask to request something to the server

A1:  You request something from the server, and it sends you back a response - those are different things - it’s like requests are parameters and the response is a return value

Q: is the internet address the IP address?

A1:  Yep!

Q: can you use any server port? what made chris choose 8000 ?

A1:  It’s the ‘default’ one for servers, but you can choose basically any port (some are reserved for other things) and there’s a maximum number but I don’t know what it is :)

Q: Do we need to run it in pycharm as we go, or can we just refresh in the borwser?

A1:  Any time the server is changed, you’ll need to restart it

Q: if i search localhost:8000 on my computer right now will it show this site?

A1:  Nope - it’s just on Chris’ computer (that’s what localhost means)

A2:  No. You'd need to run a server on your own computer (at port 8000) for that to work.

Q: Do the variables under __init__ apply only when you create the instance? I notice that the hits aren’t going back to 0 (which we don’t want anyway), so is it passing over that initial variable?

A1:  The first time the request is made, we increase the count before we print, so we didn’t see the 0

Q: So to send the command via the link, we put a “/“ first, and if we want to send the parameter, we put a “?” first?

A1:  Yep!

Q: so does the client send a message made up of a dictionary with two keys, and the server prints a list with two strings?

A1:  It sends a request, which contains a string command and a dictionary of parameters

Q: What does it mean when people say the server “crashed”?

A1:  Mehran answered this in the chat: in short, that the server program crashed

A2:  It just means that the program the server was running had an error and stopped working. This is often the result of a bad message.

Q: how do you send an image over the server if it has to be a string? Are you just sending over the rgb values?

A1:  There’s actually a way of converting images to strings by representing their RGB values!

Q: What was the bug??

A1:  What was the bug??

A2:  live answered

Q: when will assignment 7 be released?

A1:  Monday

Q: What was msg = params[‘msg’] (or something like that)? What does that do?

A1:  live answered

Q: so json dumps converts strings to dictionaries?

A1:  other way around! variables to strings

A2:  live answered