Section Leaders:

Your section leader is your primary point of contact if you need help with homework, grading, section, or most other course issues. Please go to the CS 198 web site for a complete list of section leaders.

Head TA:

The Head TA helps manage the section leaders and also oversees important course activities such as grading and section problems.
Contact the head TA if you need a regrade on an assignment, or have a question that cannot be answered by your section leader, or for most other course issues.

pic name email office hours
staff icon Nick Troccoli troccoli Gates B02
Tue 2-4pm;
or by appointment


If you email the instructor a question, please also CC the message to your section leader and/or head TA.
The SLs are your primary email contact for all questions about homework or other course issues.
If you email Marty, please make sure to mention what class you are in, because Marty often teaches multiple courses in the same quarter.

pic name email phone office hours
staff icon Marty Stepp stepp
icon stepp (Facebook)
icon @martystepp (Twitter)
icon @martystepp (Instagram)
icon martystepp (Snapchat)
(650) 723-6602 Gates B24
Mon 2:40pm - 4:00pm;
Fri 10:30am - 11:30am;
or by appointment

Please feel free to stop in to ask Marty questions whenever his office door is open, or before/after any lecture.

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