Throughout the course of CS106AP, we cover a lot of topics and examples in lecture and section and gain practice with this material via assignments. However, one of the most common requests from students is additional exercises and readings that they can use to supplement their learning. We've compiled a list of great external resources and organized them by their relevance to the different topics covered in CS106AP so far. We hope that students looking for more practice, or perhaps alternate approaches to learning the material, will find these useful. This list will be updated throughout the quarter as we cover new topics in class.

Last updated: July 7, 2019

The official Python website

Website maintained by the Python Foundation, official source of all up-to-date information regarding all things Python. (created by Nick Parlante)

Additional Python practice problems by topic, designed specifically for CS106AP and written by Stanford professor Nick Parlante.

CodeStepByStep (created by Marty Stepp)

Additional Python practice problems by topic, written by Stanford lecturer Marty Stepp.

Programming in Python (by Eric Roberts)

Python textbook used in an introductory CS course taught by Stanford professor Eric Roberts at Reed College.

Codecademy Python courses

Note: Signing up will give you a free 7-day trial to access all courses, but afterward, some courses will require you to pay for a Pro account. Please also note that we use Python 3 in this class, but some of the Codecademy courses use Python 2. Python introduction

Additional Python tutorials and practice problems.