Due Date:

The ADTs assignment is due Wednesday, October 18th at 6:00pm.

This is a pair assignment. You are allowed to work individually or work with a single partner. If you work as a pair, comment both members' names on top of every submitted code file. Only one of you should submit the assignment; do not turn in two copies. See this document for information on how to submit with a partner.

Assignment Parts

This is a two part assignment. The parts can be found at the following web pages:
  1. WordLadder
  2. NGrams

Turning In:

When you are finished, submit your assignment using our Paperless web system. Please turn in all two parts of the assignment together. Please turn in only the file(s) specified in each part of the assignment.

Honor Code Reminder:

You are expected to follow the Stanford Honor Code.

  • In your file's comment header, list your name (and your partner’s name, if you worked in a pair); also cite all sources of help, including books, web pages, friends, section leaders, etc.
  • Do not consult any assignment solutions that are not your (pair's) own.
  • Do not attempt to disguise any code that is not your (pair's) own.
  • Do not give out your assignment solution to another student.
  • Do not post your homework solution code online. (e.g. PasteBin, DropBox, web forums).
  • Please take steps to ensure that your work is not easily copied by others.

Remember that we run similarity-detection software over all solutions, including this quarter and past quarters, as well as any solutions we find on the web.

If you need help solving an assignment, we are happy to help you. You can go to the LaIR, or the course message forum, or email your section leader, or visit the instructor/Head TA during their office hours. You can do it!