Midterm Reminder: Our midterm is on Wed Nov 5 at 7-9pm in Dinkelspiel Auditorium.
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Instructor: staff icon Marty Stepp stepp

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(650) 723-6602 Gates 195 Mon 2-3pm;
Wed 2-3pm;
or by appointment
Head TA: staff icon Elmer Le elmerle n/a Gates 160 Tue 10am - noon;
Thu noon - 2pm;
or by appointment


  • [10/29] Midterm review session will be led by TA Elmer Le (with help from section leaders) on Sunday 11/2 at 7pm in Annenberg Auditorium.
  • [10/29] Lecture / section cancellations: Because our midterm exam is next week, our lecture for Wed 11/5 is canceled. Also, section for next week (Wed 11/5 through Fri 11/7) is canceled.
  • [10/28] Midterm study topics and practice exams are now posted in the Exams page.
  • [10/28] CS 193A course advertisement: Marty Stepp is teaching a 1-unit course next quarter about Android app development, called CS 193A. This is meant as a gentle introduction to the subject for students who are still early in the curriculum, such as students just finishing 106B/X this fall. Seats are limited. If you are interested, please view the class description on ExploreCourses and fill out the online course application.
  • [10/28] Section Leader application: Would you like to apply to be a section leader for CS 106A, B, or X? We are hiring many new SLs for next quarter, and we would love for you to apply! The application is due by Thu 11/16. Please visit the SL application page for more details.
  • [10/25] Pre-section problems for this week's Section 5 are now posted in the Sections page. Make sure to go check them out and bring a solution on paper to your section this week.
  • [10/10] Midterm Date Change: Partly to reduce schedule conflicts with Physics courses, our midterm has been moved forward by one day, to Wed Nov 5 at 7-9pm. If you have a conflict with this new exam date, please contact the instructor ASAP. Requests for any accommodations must be received before Mon Oct 20 to be approved.
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