Instructor: Marty Stepp - see Staff/SLs page for contact info and office hours


  • [] Midterm exam, answer key, and code ZIP are now posted in the Exams page. A curve of +3 points (capped at 45/45 or 100%) has been added to every student's exam score.
  • [] Midterms available for pickup: You can now pick up your midterm exam from the filing cabinets on the East side of the first floor of the Gates computer science building. If you think your exam was not graded correctly, see our Exams page for more information about regrades. An answer key and runnable ZIP project for the exam problems will be posted soon.
  • [] Section Leader application: Would you like to apply to be a section leader for CS 106A, B, or X? We are hiring many new SLs for next quarter, and we would love for you to apply! The application is due by next Thursday. Please visit the SL application page for more details.
  • [] One-day extension on HW5: To give you a bit more slack during this busy quarter, we have decided to extend the due date of HW5 by 1 day. In other words, HW5 is now due on Week7 Thu at 11:59pm. All of the late-day deadlines for that assignment also shift by 1 day: if you submit by Week7 Sat 11:59pm it will be 1 day late; by Week8 Tue 11:59pm it will be 2 days late. Note that due dates of future assignments are not affected; HW6 and HW7 will still go out on their original days and be due at their original dates/times.
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