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(650) 723-6602 Gates 195 Mon 2-3pm;
Wed 2-3pm;
or by appointment
Head TA: staff icon Elmer Le elmerle n/a Gates 160 Tue 10am - noon;
Thu noon - 2pm;
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  • [12/15] Final exam answer key, exam score stats, and regrade information are now posted in the Exams page.
  • [12/04] Final exam study topics and practice exams #1 and #2 are now posted in the Exams page.
  • [11/18] HW6,7 late day clarification: Please note that Homework 6 (Huffman Encoding) is due on Wed 11/19 at 2pm. If you use one late day on HW6, the due date becomes Fri 11/21 at 2pm. If you use two late days on HW6, the due date becomes Mon 11/24 at 2pm. The second late day does not extend the assignment past the entire Thanksgiving break. No HW6 submissions will be accepted after Mon 11/24 at 2pm.

    As for HW7, it is due on Fri 12/5, and using one late day on it will extend the due time into that weekend. But no more than 1 late day can be used on HW7.

  • [11/16] Pre-section problems for this week's Section 7 are now posted in the Sections page. Make sure to go check them out and bring a solution on paper to your section this week.
  • [11/11] Midterm information about how to pick up your exam, how to request a regrade, answer key, etc. are now posted on the Exams page.
  • [11/07] Extra late day: Becuase we know you're working hard this week on HW5, every student is being given +1 extra late day that can be used on HW5 or later. Instead of 3 total late days for the quarter, you now have 4. Note that HW5 is still due on Mon 11/10 and still stops accepting turnins on Fri 11/14.
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