pic name email phone office hours *
staff icon Marty Stepp stepp (650) 723-6602 Gates 195 Mon 2-3pm;
Wed 2-3pm;
or by appointment

Head TA:

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staff icon Elmer Le elmerle n/a Gates 160
Tue 10am - noon;
Thu noon - 2pm;
or by appointment

Section Leaders:

(This page will update once we know the exact list of section leaders assigned to 106B this quarter.)

This page is based on information taken from the CS 198 web site. If this page is in conflict with that site or with Axess, favor the CS 198 site, because it is more authoritative and up-to-date than this one. If you think some information on this page is incorrect, please email the instructor and/or head TA.

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