CS 106L

Standard C++ Programming

Stanford University, Fall 2020

About CS 106L

😮 CS 106L is a companion class to CS106B/CS106X that explores the modern C++ language in depth. We'll cover some of the most exciting features of C++, including modern patterns that give it beauty and power.

💻 Anyone who is taking or has taken CS 106B/X (or equivalent) is welcome to enroll. In other words, we welcome anyone that has learned or is learning programming fundamentals like functions and objects/classes.

📝 You can take CS 106L for 1-2 units. Students taking the course for 1 unit will complete two assignments. Students taking the course for 2 units will also complete an open-ended final project. There are no exams. All grades are S/NC.

Questions? Email us at todo-cs106l-course-staff-2021@lists.stanford.edu.

Getting Started

In the first week of class, please complete the following:

  • Enroll in Axess so we have an estimate of the number of students.
  • Install Qt Creator. If you already have Qt Creator installed from CS106B/X or CS103, you should be set.
  • Join the Piazza forum for announcements, questions, discussion, and communication with the course staff.

Course Information

Nikhil Raghuraman
Ethan Chi
✉️ todo-cs106l-course-staff-2021@lists.stanford.edu
🕒 Tue, Thu; 3:30 - 4:20pm
🗺️ Zoom