Lecture Date Code Suggested Reading
History and Philosophy of C++ Tuesday, September 27th None Course Reader, Chapter 0
Streams I Thursday, September 29th Code Course Reader, Chapter 3
Streams II Tuesday, October 4th Code Course Reader, Chapter 3
Sequence Containers Thursday, October 6th Code Course Reader, Chapter 5
Associative Containers and Iterators Tuesday, October 11th Code Course Reader, Chapter 6
Templates Thursday, October 13th Code None
STL Algorithms Tuesday, October 18th Code Course Reader, Chapter 7
No lecture Thursday, October 20th None None
Objects and Namespaces Tuesday, October 25th Code Course Reader, Chapters 8, 9
Const Correctness Thursday, October 27th None Course Reader, Chapter 9
Functions Tuesday, November 1st Code None
Templatized Classes Thursday, November 3rd Code Course Reader, Chapter 9
Constructors and Assignment Tuesday, November 8th None Course Reader, Chapters 9, 10
RAII Thursday, November 10th None None
Inheritance Tuesday, November 15th None None
Makefiles Thursday, November 17th None Links on last slide
Move Semantics Tuesday, November 29th None None
Exceptions and Optimizations Thursday, December 1st None None