CS109: Probability and Statistics

TURN IN HERE. All assignments are to be produced in PDF (typed and saved as PDF, or handwritten and scanned to PDF) and submitted electronically. . Please do not email your submission--only web submissions are accepted.

NOTE: Allow sufficient time for submission. We will not be sympathetic to people emailing us to say they submitted late because they had trouble converting their homework to a pdf, had issues with the Scoryst interface etc. Leave enough time to resolve any potential issues before the deadline.

Formatting with LaTeX:
If you would like to type your assignments in LaTeX (which will make them incomparably beautiful!), you can use this nice template (thanks to CS109 student Bryan Burr!). I recommend doing your editing on a web service rather than downloading the full application. Sharelatex and Writelatex are both easy to use.

# Name Due Handout Notes/Hints/Errata
1 Problem Set 1 Deadline: Friday, April 10, 5:00PM
Hard deadline: Friday, April 17, 12:50PM (7 late days)
Handout Problem 12: Students are distinguishable.
2 Problem Set 2 Deadline: Monday, April 20, 5:00PM
Hard deadline: Tuesday, April 21, 5:00PM (1 late day)
Handout We will go over Problem 4 in lecture Wed 4/15.

There are some useful clarifications on Piazza. Please use search box to see if your question has been answered already before posting.

3 Problem Set 3 Deadline: Friday, May 1, 5:00PM
Hard deadline: Friday, May 8, 12:50PM (7 late days)
Handout Problem 1 should say "... run for at least twice as long...". This has been updated in the homework.
4 Problem Set 4 Deadline: Friday, May 15, 5:00PM
Hard deadline: Friday, May 22, 12:50PM (7 late days)
Handout Problem 6 inadvertently includes the solution(!), so that's a freebie. Note that you don't need to write anything for Problem 6, but Scoryst will still ask you to identify a page for it, so just select the same page as Problem 5 (or really any page, it doesn't matter).
5 Problem Set 5 Deadline: Friday, May 22, 5:00PM
Hard deadline: Saturday, May 23, 5:00PM (1 late day)
6 Problem Set 6
(Final project)
Deadline: Monday, June 8, 8:30AM
Hard deadline: Monday, June 8, 8:30AM (0 late days)
Handout (not released yet)