Turn in: all assignments are to be produced in hard copy (printed or handwritten) and handed in at the beginning of class (12:50pm) on the due date listed. Electronic submission is permitted for SCPD students ONLY, by email to cs109@cs.stanford.edu (or use the SCPD submission system). The same due date/time applies.

# Name Due Handout
1 Problem Set 1 Wednesday July 2nd 5:30 PM Handout
2 Problem Set 2 Wednesday July 9th 5:30 PM Handout
3 Problem Set 3 Wednesday July 16th 5:30 PM Handout
4 Problem Set 4 Friday July 25th 5:30 PM (NO LATE DAYS) Handout
5 Problem Set 5 Wednesday July 30th 5:30 PM Handout
6.1 Problem Set 6.1 Thursday August 7th 5:30 PM Handout
6.2 Problem Set 6.2 Monday August 11th 5:30 PM Handout

Programming Data for Problem Set 6.1 and 6.2
Mac/Unix Data
PC Data