TURN IN HERE. All assignments are to be produced in PDF (typed and saved as PDF, or handwritten and scanned to PDF) and submitted electronically here . Please do not email your submission--only web submissions are accepted.

Partners: you only need to make one submission. Please make sure that the PDF image includes both partners' names at the top of the first page, and be sure to enter both partners' information in Scoryst when submitting.

Formatting with LaTeX:
If you would like to type your assignments in LaTeX (which will make them incomparably beautiful!), you can use this nice template (thanks to CS109 student Bryan Burr!). I recommend doing your editing on a web service rather than downloading the full application. Sharelatex and Writelatex are both easy to use.

Partner-Finder Googledoc:
I encourage you to work with a partner, so you can discuss Pset problems out loud and share ideas! If you need help finding a partner, visit the partner-finder Google spreadsheet.

# Name Due Handout Notes/Hints/Errata
1 Problem Set 1 Friday, October 3, 12:30 PM (electronic submission of PDF, see link above) Handout
2 Problem Set 2 Friday, October 10, 12:30 PM (electronic submission of PDF, see link above) Handout

Note: For problem 3, you may assume that the kind of error the problem mentions the app making is the only kind of error the app makes.

You may SKIP problem 7 entirely. It is very difficult to solve from first principles, and the slide with the big head start/hint that you need to make it reasonable was not covered in class.

3 Problem Set 3 Wednesday, October 22, 12:30 PM Handout Problem 12, part (b) has the solution included, so you may skip it!