Midterm Scheduling Form

Required for all students: If you haven't already, please complete this Midterm scheduling form at your earliest convenience.

Midterm 1

Date: Friday, April 24th, in class + 15min. (12:50-2:20, see details at midterm scheduling form link)
Location: NVIDIA

Topics Coverage:

  • PSets 1-2
  • Lectures 1-8 (through Wednesday 4/15)
  • This Quick Reference Guide summarizes the main topics of the quarter so far. They include:
    • Counting (combinations, permutations, multinomial)
    • Probability (Conditional probability, Bayes, breaking into cases, chain rule) HW2 was full of these.
    • Discrete distributions (Bernoulli, Binomial, Poisson, Geometric, Hypergeometric, Negative Binomial) We didn't spend much time on Geometric etc in class, but you should be ready to apply them to appropriate scenarios--use the Quizlet tutor to help you identify scenarios.
    • Expectation, Variance, and Standard Deviation (calculating "from scratch" and applying known Distribution formulae)

Other Info:

  • You are allowed to bring one page of notes, front and back. This Discrete Distributions reference sheet will be included in the exam, so you don't need to duplicate this information in your page of notes.
  • Practice Exam, Solutions
Midterm 2

Date: Wednesday, May 27, in class + 25min. (12:50-2:30pm, see details at midterm scheduling form link)
Location: NVIDIA