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  • Graded problem sets and solutions located in CS109 handout drawer (not cabinet!)
  • Mean: 76.24%
  • Median: 80.77%
  • SD: 20.08%

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    Week 1 Administrative Recap

  • A revised version of problem set 1 went out through the course email today (6/28). The only difference is that problem #12 has been swapped out in favor of an easier version. Shoot us an email if you haven't received this revision at
  • Lecturer office hour locations are now set for M/T at Gates 160 and W/Th at Gates 200.
  • Please mark time stamps on late problem sets! While we collect problem sets Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, it'll make our lives a lot easier administratively to have time stamps on the problem sets as well.

    Problem Set 1 Information

  • Problem Set 1 went out today (6/25) in lecture (hard copy) and through the course email (soft copy). If you haven't received a copy yet, email Ben and Kevin for a soft copy! We are working on modifying the website to be able to authenticate log in for problem sets and will post the problem sets online as soon as we can. Thanks!


  • Welcome to CS109!
  • The first class is Monday, June 23rd, 11:00am-12:15pm in Gates B03.
  • Please watch this web site for important class announcements or assignment errata.
  • Handouts from class will be available on the handouts page. Any hardcopies remaining after class will be available in the handout bins on the first floor of the Gates building.
  • The Wall Street Journal published an article entitled New Hiring Formula Values Math Pros talking about how employers are seeking computer scientists with training in statistics and probability. CS109 is specifically mentioned in the article.
  • An article from the New York Times discusses the increasing importance of statistics in computing. The article is entitled For Today's Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics.

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