CS109 Class Slides

Date Topic Slides
Jan. 6 BST Permutations PDF
Jan. 6 Combinations PDF
Jan. 8 Introduction to Probability PDF
Jan. 11 Conditional Probability and Bayes Theorem PDF
Jan. 13 More on Conditional Probability and Independence PDF
Jan. 15 Random Variables and Expectation PDF
Jan. 20 Variance and Binomial Distribution PDF
Jan. 22 Poisson and Other Discrete Distributions PDF
Jan. 25 Continuous Distributions PDF
Jan. 27 Normal and Exponential Distributions PDF
Jan. 29 Joint Distributions PDF
Feb. 1 Independent Random Variables PDF
Feb. 1 Expectation of Sum PDF
Feb. 3 Sums of Independent Random Variables and Conditional Distributions PDF
Feb. 5 Beta Distribution PDF
Feb. 5 Properties of Expectation and QuickSort Analysis PDF
Feb. 8 Covariance PDF
Feb. 10 Correlation and Conditional Expectation PDF

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