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Amateur creators value feedback, but can be intimidated by showcasing their work to others. Exhibyt helps amateur creators hone their craft by providing them a safe space to display and obtain feedback on their art.

What Exhibyt Can Do For You

Upload Work

Want to share your work with others? Upload your artwork to engage with a community of amateur creatives.

Receive Feedback

Struggling with a new piece?
Receive actionable and directed feedback from other creatives to help you out of your slump.

Provide Feedback

Think you’ve got a good eye?
Share your knowledge by critiquing others' art. Explore featured artworks and leave a comment on other users’ questions.

Contact Other Artists

See something you love?
Reach out to a community of creatives and start chatting.
Maybe even find your next collaborator!

Medium-Fi Prototype

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Our Story

Follow our development process over time!


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Experience Prototypes

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Concept Video

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Low-Fi Prototype

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Medium-Fi Prototype

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Group Heuristic Evaluation

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High-fi Prototype

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Poster and Pitch

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Meet the Team


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