CS 161: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Semih Salihoglu, Stanford University, Summer Quarter 2014


  • The schedule for week 4 is out.

  • Homework 3 has been updated: it has 4 questions, and we typed up the questions from the book for your convenience. We also updated a small typo in Q3.

  • Homework 3 is out.

  • Homework 1 grades are out on Scoryst. If you did the extra credit, we left a note on one of the extra credit pages telling you how many points you got. These points are not included in your total grade.

  • A new handout is out: A Guide to Greedy Algorithms.

  • Solutions to Homework 1 have been released.

  • There was a minor typo in HW2Q3. Please re-download a copy.