Office Hours

Karey's Office Hours: See the calendar below for details. Zoom link is on Canvas.

Homework Parties: We'll be hosting a couple of Homework Parties each week in our Nooks community. Here are the times (also on the Calendar below):

  • Sundays 3-5pm (PST)
  • Mondays 4-6pm (PST)
  • Thursdays 2-4pm (PST)
  • Thursdays 7:30-9:30pm (PST)

CA Office Hours: The CAs will each hold multiple weekly office hour shifts (see calendar below). All office hours will take place on Zoom, and the queue will be managed using QueueStatus. To join office hours, make sure you follow these instructions:

  • Sign into Zoom: Make sure you have the Zoom application open and that you're logged in with your Stanford credentials. To do this, select the single sign-on (SSO) option when logging in, and this will take you to a Stanford login page.
  • Sign up for a slot on QueueStatus: Click "Sign Up". You will need to provide your SUNet ID (you must type it in correctly - this is how a CA will contact you through Zoom), a brief description of what you need help with, and acknowledgement that you have read and followed the necessary sign-up procedures.
  • Wait for your turn: When it is your turn in the queue, a CA will call you through Zoom (they will input your SUNet ID to place the call). If the CA is unable to reach you after a couple attempts, they will leave a message for you in the QueueStatus chat. Unless you respond to confirm your availability, you will lose your place in line and the CA will move on. Bottom line: make sure you're signed into Zoom and paying attention to the queue!