Section problems are posted on Thursdays, and solutions are posted on Friday evenings.

Section 1

Dates: June 25-26

[Problems] [Solutions]

Section 2

Dates: July 2-3

[Problems] [Solutions]

Section 3

Dates: July 9-10

[Problems] [Solutions]

Section 4

No section week 4.

Section 5

Dates: July 23-24

[Problems] [Solutions]

Section 6

Dates: July 30-31

[Problems] [Solutions]

Section 7

Dates: August 6-7

[Problems] [Solutions]


Section Times: (Zoom links are on Canvas)

  • Thursdays, 5pm PST
  • Fridays, 1:30pm PST

During weekly sections, you will work on practice problems and reinforce any difficult concepts covered in class. Each section will meet on Zoom. While section attendance will not be incorporated into your final grade, we highly recommend that you try to attend section each week. The problems we’ll work on will often be past exam or homework problems, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions in smaller group settings and discuss problems with other students.