This is the repository for handouts from CS181. Documents here are in Adobe Acrobat format; the reader for this format is available for free at the Adobe Reader download website).

Date Handout Name
Jan 7 Syllabus
Jan 11 Intro. to Probability and Machine Learning
Jan 14 Using Eclipse in CS181
Jan 14 Assignment #1: Analyzing Algorithmic Decision-Making
Jan 16 Submitting Technical Assignments
Jan 28 Data Privacy Essay
Jan 28 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Privacy and Information Technology
Jan 28 Guidelines on Writing a Good Political Philosophy Paper
Feb 3 Sample Philosophy Paper Cover Note
Feb 3 Sample Philosophy Paper: A grade
Feb 3 Sample Philosophy Paper: B grade
Feb 3 Sample Philosophy Paper: C grade
Feb 8 Paper Submission Instructions
Feb 13 Assignment #3: Public Policy Memo
Feb 27 WIM Revision Submission Instructions
Mar 4 Assignment #4: Social Network Simulation