The Stanford Android Library

Android is hard, so we make it easier. Written by Marty Stepp (stepp AT stanford DOT edu)

The library:

For instructions about how to add the library to your Android Studio project, see the slides below.


The following PDF slides include documentation and instructions for how to install and use the library. For more detailed documentation, consult the following generated Javadoc HTML page which contains the complete API. Documentation is currently a work in progress.

If you ever want to see how a given library method works, in your own code at the location where you're calling our library method, right-click its name and choose "Go To" → "Declaration". This will jump you into the source code of the relevant method.

License and Terms:

The library is completely open and free to use, modify, sell, etc. for any purposes, commercial or otherwise. Full source code is available on GitHub.


Q: I'm looking at the docs, and a feature that's listed isn't compiling! I don't think the feature is there in my JAR at all.
A: Are you sure you have the latest version of the JAR? Try re-downloading it from here into your project's app/libs/ folder and compiling again.

Recent Changes: