Submitting Assignments

  1. Make sure your project builds with no warnings or errors during the build. Seriously, we will look to see if you have any warnings in your project. If you have any questions about how to resolve warnings please let us know via e-mail or visit a TA during office hours.
  2. Create a README file at the top level of your project directory. The README file should be a plain text file and contain a line similar to the following (please put in your username and real name):
    user:pmarcos (Marcos, Paul)
    If the submit script can't find a line like this it will complain and not allow you to submit. NOTE: The file should just be called "README", without even a .txt extension.
  3. If you would like to add comments to the README file, put them after the user: line. Comments can include feedback about the assignment (too hard, too easy, you're killin' me here, are you joking me with this cream puff assignment). If you've got any good jokes drop them in here too.
  4. You need to copy your project directory to your leland home directory on the network. You can use utilities like scp (command line) or Transmit (GUI FTP tool) to copy the project directory to the network.
  5. Log in using your leland account on a machine that has the class directory mounted on /usr/class/cs193p. is one such machine that you can use. The myth machines do not appear to work with this script.
  6. Cd into your project directory. This is the top-level folder containing all your project files (including the .xcodeproj file). Then, run the submit script by doing:
    The script will ask you a series of questions. The submit will run a series of checks for various files that shouldn't be there (like a build directory, backup nib files, etc) and warn you if it finds a problem.
  7. If the submission is successful you'll see the following response:
    Submit success!
    If you don't see this, that means that something went wrong. Please send us an email and include the output from the submit script.

Keep in mind that the submit script will automatically time stamp the submissions made so we'll know if something comes in late. You can resubmit any given project up to 10 times and we'll only look at the last submission. If you end up trying to submit more than 10 times the script will complain and tell you to send mail to us. Just let us know what's going on and we'll get it straightened out.

Not sure what all this means?

Your Leland account credentials are your SUNetID and password. As a Stanford student you should have access to space on the remote UNIX computing resources (

You should be able to connect to one of the remote machines like (others listed here: You will want to move your project files from your local computer onto the remote file space so that you can then run our submission script as listed in the instructions. This will then copy your files into a folder that we have access to so that we will be able to grade submitted projects.