Project Proposal

  • icon Project Proposal (due Week2 Tue, 11:59pm)
  • How to turn in: You'll need to create a GitHub repository and check in your proposal document to it by the submission deadline. Fill out our Project Proposal Submission Form to indicate your team members' names and instructions for us to access and grade your proposal.
  • If you want to be able to make your GitHub repo private without paying, you can submit an application for a GitHub educational account. (more info)

    Writing conferences with tutors in the Technical Communication Program (TCP) will be conducted through in Huang Engineering Ctr, Rm 049. The purpose of these conferences is to assist you with a revision of your project proposal, focused on improving the quality of your technical writing.

    The sign-up procedure is as follows: If you are in 194W, please confer with all the other 194W students in your project group to find THREE 50-minute slots when you could all meet with a TCP writing tutor, in the date range of through , between 9:00AM and 6:00PM. You will only be meeting once, but we are asking for three available times to facilitate finding a match with the availability of the TCP staff.

    Please have ONE member of your group email your three available meeting times to TCP Acting Director Mary McDevitt ( by this at noon. Your group's designated email sender should CC the other 194W members of the group. (Non-194W members of your group are not required to participate in the writing conference, but are welcome to attend if they would like.)

    The TCP director will get back to your group the following week to confirm which time they have been able to schedule you. If you have any questions about the sign-up procedure, please contact TCP.

Past Projects:

Here are some of the projects students completed in past quarters of CS 194. These are just meant to serve as ideas of the size and scope and types of projects that others have done. Your team should come up with its own original idea and should not exactly recreate one of the ideas below.

  • Bees with Jetpacks: a 3-D game made using Unity.
  • CheckMail: a social email utility.
  • CodePuppy: an online turnin and grading submission program for section leaders.
  • Cramr: app for students to form ad-hoc study groups based on location and subject/course being studied
  • Deezy: a web-based music visualization system that listens to the audio through the computer's microphone.
  • DistributeJS: distributed computing platform written in JavaScript for running heavy computational tasks.
  • Flat: set of web and mobile features to assist roommates in a dorm or apartment
  • FriendSwap: web app that helps people find new friends in another city
  • app and site to help students/interns manage their applications and offers from various companies and schools
  • NoteGoat: web-based collaborative note-taking system with speech-to-text features
  • Quanto: centralized web app for tracking and visualizing data over time that was gathered from devices such as FitBit
  • Recruiting Zone: web app for student athletes, coaches, schools, fans to connect with each other and aid in recruiting
  • Scoryst: web app for scanning and grading exams, to be used by TAs
  • ScrImage: game app for a group of people to doodle/edit images and vote on which they like best
  • Spork: web-based restaurant finding and rating system
  • Textbook Treehouse: web site for searching, buying, and selling college course textbooks
  • Watch with Us: site/app for people to find movies to watch together based on similar tastes and preferences
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