CS 206
Technical Foundations of Electronic Commerce
Spring 2002

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Course Information


Lecture: TTH 1:15PM – 2:30PM (3 units), Herrin T175*


Course description:

The advent of electronic commerce (EC) is presenting computer science with new challenges and opportunities, and putting a new spin on old ones. In this course several faculty from computer science present a broad cross section of some of these challenges and opportunities.

This is something of an experiment. EC has not existed long enough for there to be an established curriculum or a cohesive body of knowledge. For the first time we are attempting to provide something of a broad coverage, but certainly there is no attempt to cover all aspects of EC in this one course.

The course focuses on technological issues. This is not a course on business models, on the new economy, or on entrepreneurship. There are other forums for this. We discuss algorithms, data structures, complexity, software engineering, and other computer science issues. To take this course you need to have had exposure to such fundamental computer science concepts, and have sufficient mathematical maturity to follow basic combinatorial or probabilistic arguments.



Familiar with basic computer science concepts, including data structures, algorithms and computational complexity. Ability to follow basic combinatorial and probabilistic arguments.


*Herrin T175 is the far building (from Gates) of the biology complex next door, in the lower area, on the side facing Gates, next to the Men’s Room.