Schedule and Syllabus

Unless otherwise specified the course lectures and meeting times are:

Wednesday, Friday 3:30-4:20
Location: Gates B12

This syllabus is subject to change according to the pace of the class. Please post on Piazza or email the course staff if you have any question.
EventDateDescriptionCourse Materials
Jan 10
Week 1
No class Set up Tensorflow
Suggested Readings:
Nothing in particular, but you're welcome to read anything you want.
Lecture Jan 12 Overview of Tensorflow
Why Tensorflow?
Graphs and Sessions
Lecture note
To do Jan 12 Check out TensorBoard
Lecture Jan 17
Week 2
Basic operations, constants, variables
Control dependencies
Data pipeline
Lecture note
Workshop Jan 19 Linear and Logistic Regression
Tensorflow's Optimizers
Example: Birth rate - life expectancy, MNIST dataset
Lecture note
A1 released Jan 19 Assignment #1 released Assignment 1
Lecture Jan 24
Week 3
Eager execution
Guest lecture by Akshay Agrawal
(TensorFlow team)
Example: word2vec, linear regression
Lecture note
Lecture Jan 26 Variable sharing and managing experiments
Name scope, variable scope
Saver object, checkpoints
Autodiff Example: word2vec
Lecture note
A1 Due Jan 31 Assignment #1 due
Lecture Jan 31
Week 4
Introduction to ConvNet
Lecture note
We will be using CS231N's wonderful note
Lecture Feb 2 No class
A2 released Feb 7 Assignment #2 released Assignment 2
Lecture Feb 7 Convnet in TensorFlow
Example: image classification
Lecture note
Lecture Feb 9
Week 5
Convolutional Neural Networks
Discussion of Assignment #2
Example: Style Transfer
Feb 14
Week 6
Guest lecture by Alec Radford
(Research Scientist at OpenAI)
Per Alec's request, slides + code are only
available to students in the class
Lecture Feb 16 Variational Auto-Encoders
Guest lecture by Danijar Hafner
(Google Brain, UCL)
A2 Due Feb 20 Assignment #2 due
Lecture Feb 21
Week 7
Recurrent Neural Networks
Example: Character-level Language Modeling
Lecture Feb 23 Seq2seq with Attention
Example: Neural machine translation
Lecture Feb 28
Week 8
Beyond RNNs
A3 released Mar 1 Assignment #3 released
Mar 2 Open-domain dialogue system
Training and Optimizing
Lecture Mar 7
Week 9
Reinforcement Learning in Tensorflow
Lecture Mar 9 Keras
Guest lecture by Fran├žois Chollet
(Deep learning researcher at Google, author of Keras)
A3 Due Mar 16 Assignment #3 due
Demo Mar 16 Demo