CS221 Final Project Guidelines

The final project gives you an opportunity to apply the techniques that you've learned in this class to a new setting that you're interested in. Specifically, you will build a system to solve a well-defined task. Which task you choose is completely open-ended, but the methods you use should be drawn from the ones from the course.

You should work in groups of two (individual projects are okay too). The project can overlap with your research or other classes, but what you produce in the end must conform to the CS221 guidelines.

The project consists of the following pieces:


Throughout the quarter, there will be several milestones so that you can get adequate feedback on the project.

Grading rubric:

You should submit a PDF with your writeup, as well as supplementary material (code and data and a README file documenting what everything is, and what commands you ran). You can use standard libraries, as long as you are clear about which parts you implemented.

An example strategy:

This is a suggestion of how to approach the final project with an example.


Useful libraries:

Some project ideas (preliminary):