So you need help? Here are some options.

  1. Check the frequently asked questions (FAQs) page
  2. Post your query on Piazzza
  3. Write to the staff mailing list at
  4. Post to the class Facebook group
  5. Come see one of the course staff during office hours


We have set up our class discussion on a new system, called Piazzza, which was developed by Stanford students. Piazzza is designed to get you help in a fast and efficient manner from fellow classmates, the TAs and the instructors. We encourage you to use this when stuck on a problem, rather than emailing the staff directly, as the likelihood of receiving a quick response is higher. Also, other students having similar doubts can benefit from the discussion. Please scan through previous discussions before starting a new discussion. Use of hashtags is encouraged.

You are not allowed to post any code on the Piazzza forum. For help with debugging and other issues, please come to the TA office hours.

Sign up for the Piazzza forum at Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties.

Mailing Lists

There are two important mailing lists for this class:

Staff mailing list:
For queries related exclusively to you or administrative matters, please feel free to mail the staff list. We strongly encourge to you to start a discussion on Piazzza if you need clarifications regarding some aspect of Programming Assignments or a particular topic.

Announcements mailing list:
We'll mail any announcements to this list. Enrolled students are automatically subscribed. Others wishing to receive announcements should send an email to with message body "subscribe cs224n-win1011-guests".

Facebook Group

We will be using Facebook as an alternative way to connect with the CAs and your classmates:!/group.php?gid=109197872435391. You can use the group to:

  • Share any interesting article or talk you come across, which might be of interest to class.
  • The facebook group should also be a good way to find programming/project partners.
  • Please use Piazzza for questions regarding Programming Assignments as the staff will not actively monitor the group.


Your friendly staff includes:

Bill MacCartney

Instructor: Dr. Bill MacCartney
Office: Bytes Cafe
Office Hours: Wed 3-4
Phone: 415-742-1185
Gerald Penn

Instructor: Prof. Gerald Penn
Office: Gates 158
Office Hours: Mon 5:30-6:30
Phone: TBA
Shrey Gupta

TA: Shrey Gupta
Office: Gates B26
Office Hours: Fri 2:00-5:00
Ritvik Mudur

TA: Ritvik Mudur
Office: Gates B24
Office Hours: Tue 2:00-3:30, Thu 2:00-3:30
Angel Chang

TA: Angel Chang
Office: Gates 233
Office Hours: Mon 10:00-11:00, Wed 10:00-12:00